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At Father and Son Garage Door we offer maintenance and repairs on all of your Garage Door and garage door opener parts. From broken spring repair to preventative maintenance / lube and tune our technicians do it all!

Most Garage Door Company's want you to purchase all new parts. However, you may not need a brand new garage door or garage door operator; you may just need maintenance, a simple garage door repair or replacement parts. Our technicians offer LiftMaster authorized service, and will finish any job efficiently, and effectively. Be sure to checkout all of the garage door and opener services we specialize in or call us today.


Types of Service


Father & Son Garage Door Company has a huge selection of garage doors ranging from insulated steal, wood, and glass. We offer many styles with optional windows and many colors to choose from. Customers who want that extra level of curb appeal can customize your garage door even more with decorative hardware. All of our garage doors are made of the best materials and all our garage door quotes include installation. 

Before replacing your broken garage door let us see if we can repair it! Sometimes all a garage door needs is a few bolts, a realignment, or a new balance. Repairs needed for your garage door can also be on parts not so easily seen, like the springs. Broken springs are one of the most common service repair jobs we see and a broken spring can happen without warning and needs to be replaced before your garage door will operate properly and safely. 

We can reprogram or replacement a keypad for most any brand garage door opener you may have. All our trucks are stocked with a variety of wall buttons from simple 1 button to wireless smart button systems. Check out all the other accessories we carry!

When your garage door is ready for a garage door opener, give us a CALL. Father and Son Garage Door offers great deals on the most trusted brands of garage door openers on the market, all installed by expertly trained technicians. Give us a call today for any deals or specials we are currently running.

When garage door openers begin to fail there are many options to explore before replacement is recommended. Internal gears can strip-out/ wear out, drive chains can break or bind, and sprockets or travelers can wear out. All these problems can lead to a garage door and/ or garage door opener not working. 

We at Father & Son Garage Door can install smart home ready garage door openers/ operators that can be controlled by your smartphone. We can install smart home ready garage door openers that can be controlled by your smartphone and can even operate when there is a power outage. We also have smart home upgrade packages if you are simply looking to upgrade your existing garage door opener system.

The most common repair job we at Father and Son Garage Door see is a broken spring. A broken spring can cause your garage door to become very heavy. With the spring broken, strain will be placed on the garage door opener which if adjust properly will stop operating due to its built in safety feature. A garage door/ garage door operator will NOT work properly without the springs or with a broken spring.

Technicians at Father and Son Garage Door say a yearly lube and tune is highly recommended. Did you know yearly garage door service can even save you hundreds of dollars down the road by preventing major problems caused by parts drying out, screws and bolts loosening, hinges binding, and other avoidable issues.

Broken cables can cause a garage door to fall out of balance and potentially fall off the track. Your garage door and garage door opener/ operator will be inoperable until both cables are balanced and have proper tension. Damaged or broken rollers can cause doors to fall off the track and/or become extremely noisy. Father and Son Garage Door recommends replacing your garage door rollers when they begin to lose structural integrity.