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Lube & Tune

All garage door should have an annual lube and tune. A yearly service can save money in the long run by keeping your garage door and opener running optimally. 

Proper Maintenance 

Garage doors are mechanical and like all mechanical things they need servicing and maintenance, but when should get your garage door serviced? You should get your garage door serviced annually to keep everything well adjusted, running smooth, and balance properly. Ask about our return customer discount on all yearly service calls! 



Lube Hinges and rollers

The hinges should be lubricated at the joints where they move (see picture). Panel hinge screws and/or bolts should also be tightened, however care must be taken to not over tighten which can cause door panels to dent or warp.  The track rollers should be lubricated where the wheel meets the shaft (see picture). Father & Son Garage Door always recommends customers to purchase a lithium or silicon based garage door lubricant which can be purchased at your local hardware store or call us.



Springs and PULLEYS

Springs that coil should be completely sprayed with lithium or silicon based lube (pictured) with the garage door closed. Garage door springs that stretch or extend do not need to be lubricated. Instead, with the garage door open, the pulleys should be sprayed in the center area where the ball bearings are located (pictured).

*Warning* lubricating springs is dangerous because garage door springs can break or snap without warning causing severe injury or even death.