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Broken Springs Repair

Garage door springs will wear out, learn how to tell if you have a broken spring. Which type of springs do you have, torsion springs or extension springs. 


Broken Spring?

Unfortunately springs break, with normal usage (3 travels up & down per day) springs will last 7-10 years. In the industry we refer to the springs as having "cycles" average springs are rated for 10,000 cycles. Since they are a wear item, the more you use your garage door the sooner they will reach that number. When a spring breaks it is recommend to replace both springs (most systems use 2 springs). Never attempt to replace a garage door spring yourself, always call an expert!


torsion spring

Torsion springs twist and are usually seen coiled around the metal bar that runs horizontally above your garage door. If there is a gap in the spring then it is broken and needs to be replaced

ext spring.jpg


These springs do as their name suggests they extend horizontally as the door closes. They are attached to a pulley system that attaches to the garage door. The extension spring pictured above is very dangerous an should have a saftey cable running through it to contain it when it breaks.


Torquemaster system

This is a fancy torsion spring that is contained inside the horizontal metal shaft located above your garage door.


old CARRIAGE style

These one piece garage doors use very heavy and large springs. With little to no safety features having a spring break is a very dangerous situation.


non spring garage doors

A simple system with no springs. This door is a two piece system that opens by hand or with a specialty garage door opener unit. Call us today for an estimate on converting your garage door!