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Garage Door Opener Repair

Before you replace your garage door opener let us look at it. We can repair most models and fixing a broken garage door operator will save you money.


Common Repairs

Father and Son Garage Door can fix any problem you are having with your garage door opener. Most garage door openers today are built with a motor that is made to last a generation, so before you think about replacing it, let us repair it. Take a look below at some common problems that our experienced techs see everyday. Before replacing your garage door opener unit, call us to save hundreds over installing a completely new garage door opener system.

gear and sprocket.jpg

Gear and sprocket

Most garage door openers use plastic gears to minimize noise while operating. Parts like the gear can strip out or wear down due to many factors including improper garage door balancing, incorrect opener force settings, traveler/trolley adjustment is off, or the unit hasn't been serviced in a while. In any case, before replacing your entire garage door opener call us and see if installing a new gear and sprocket can save you! 

broken travler

The traveler or trolley moves horizontally along the bar that attaches the garage door opener to the wall above your garage door. These travelers can wear out over time and at an increased rate due to improper adjustments and/or lack of proper servicing. Father and Son Garage Door can easily replace a broken traveler and then diagnose and fix the problems that caused it.

Pictured are a few styles of garage door opener trolleys also referred to as travelers.   

Broken Traveler and Repair Trolly.png

Broken garage door bracket.png

Arm ripped from door

If the force on your garage door is not properly set and adjusted this can cause major problems, serious injury or even death. At the very least the metal arm attaching the garage door opener to the garage door will rip/tear or pull itself away from the garage door itself. Father & Son Garage can fix or replace the bracket, repair the door, and most importantly service your entire garage door and opener to fix the underlying problem causing the damage.