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Garage Door Repair

We can fix almost anything wrong with your garage door. Common service repairs include; broken springs, garage door off-track, new cables, replacement bottom seals, service calls.


Garage Door Repair

Did someone back into your garage door? Did the door go down by itself? Is your garage door crooked? Don’t worry, call us! In most cases we can diagnose the problem over the phone and send out a qualified tech that will fix the problem asap. If your garage door is repairable, and let us tell you, in most cases they are. It be for a fraction of the cost of buying a new door!


support Strut

If you have a bent panel due to physical damage or from normal wear and tear due to a weak, thin or bowing panel a support strut is a great way to strengthen any panel on a garage door. Struts are more prevalent on double car garage doors and garage doors over 10 feet wide, all garage doors should have at least 1 strut. Garage door panels can sag over time causing tearing and ripping of the panel. Panel sagging is easily fixed if caught soon enough even if your garage door panel has started to "crack" in the middle, a strut will help reduce further damage.    

panel replacement

If your garage door is beyond repair a great alternative to replacing your entire garage door is a panel replacement. A panel replacement uses your existing track, hinges, and hardware. This method works well because the track system of most garage doors is the same, it is essentially the frame so we can use these systems to save you money. A good example would be if you were in a minor fender bender in your car, the repair shop would not replace your frame. The shop would simply replace the broken bumpers and your car would be good as new!

*note: not all garage doors are recommended for panel replacement, please CALL our office for more details on panel replacement and pricing.



Broken hinge

There are several types of garage door hinges and not all are of the same quality. Some hinges will break, others can cause panel damage, and those types that are too tight causing severe friction and damage to other parts of your garage door over time. Call us for hinge replacement and get a bonus of having our expert techs diagnois your entrire garage door system to make all the proper adjustments needed.