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Smart Home

Do you have a smart home? Connect your garage door opener or operator to your cell phone with a smart phone app. Call us today!


Smart Garage

Do you have a smart home? Today garage door openers are just as advanced as the rest of your home with WiFi ready and MyQ garage door openers. Don't worry if you're not ready to purchase a new smart garage door operator, we can upgrade your current system. Call us for pricing and to schedule an appointment.

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connect your smartphone

Connect your smart phone to your garage through the a downloadable app. You can monitor your garage door from anywehere you have cell phone signal, and even control your garage door to give access to guests.

parking assist

A helpful add-on that will notify you by a laser sensor designated to alert you to stop once your vehicle reaches a specific point in your garage. This can be a great replacement for the old tennis ball-on-a-string and for those garages that every inch matters.



Garage door monitor

A simple way to monitor your garage door from the convenience of your favorite room in the home. This unit is set up to allow you to control your garage door operater and monitor if your garage door is open or closed.