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Copy of Rollers & Cables

Garage door broken roller replacement. FS Garage Door repairs broken cables and garage doors off track or crooked.


The cables and rollers are like the axles of your car, without them your garage door would be unable to move. If your garage door is crooked, making excess noise, or is just not running smoothly call us because one of these could be your problem.


Broken Roller

Notice how the wheel sits at an angle an obvious sign that the steel wheel bearing roller needs to be replaced.

New Roller

This is a nylon/polyurethane roller, you can see how is sits flush in the track and there is no "slop". 


Broken Cable.png

Broken Cable

If your garage door is crooked this could be why. The cable has broken or come off the drum. Call us asap.

Fixed Cable

The cable should be tight and run smoothly in the grooves of the drum. Please keep all objects away from the cables!

Fixed Cable off.png