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We only install the best garage doors on the market. We always go above and beyond on every door we install, even checking the setting on your existing garage door opener motor. When we install a garage door you know the job is done right and you can enjoy your new door for years to come!

Take a look below at some options available on our garage door. (*note: not all garage door models come in all options please call our office for model specific options and styles.)


Panel stylEs

Sonoma Ranch.jpg

We have several panel styles to offer, listed above are some of our most popular. If there is a style that you had in mind that is not listed above please call us and we can help find the style you are looking for. Colonial is the most common style you see around neighbourhoods followed second by the Ranch style, these two styles are the same design in a four box and a two box type. Next we have the Sonoma styles, both share sames designs but again are in a two box and a four box style. Finally we have the contemporary style this is a very clean and elegant look that can work very nicely on some homes. 




Father and Son Garage Door Company always recommends installing your garage door in the color you desire rather then painting your door after. Here are some of our color options, please note that some colors require special orders and can take a few weeks to arrive. Some of our common color option  are white, almond, taupe, brown, black with golden oak, walnut and mission oak available on select garage door models. 



windows 1000x800.jpg
windows 2 1000x800.jpg

A great way to add more curb appeal to your garage door, windows are an additional add on that can really brighten up the facade of your home. Windows add additional light to your garage a bit of style to your garage and value to your home. Please call us for pricing options and styles available.   


decorative hardware


This is a great and inexpensive way to add more style and appeal to your garage door. Here we have three of our most common decorative hardware packages; Aspen, Fleur, & Spear.